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Core-Commercial customers have come to know that we have the knowledge and foresight to lead them into a safer more secure future by utilizing cutting-edge technologies from our industry. From state-of-the-art High-Definition IP video surveillance, door and vehicle access systems, perimeter breach notification, asset loss prevention and GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems, ALLTECH has the tools to protect big business. 

1080p Hi-Definition Video Surveillance 

"See what you've been missing"


Video Surveillance has progessed leaps and bounds from standard grainy analog video even over the last few years. No longer a guessing game of vehilces or people, we invite you to see the differnce between your out dated camera system and our Hi-Def Video Surveillance. Call Today for your free on-site consultation and demonstration.


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Access Control 
Door, gate and vehicle applications

From military bases, file rooms, offices, medicine cabinets, parking lots, employee protection and sensative/dangerous materials storage, controlling access is an everyday part of life yet yeilding the highest priority among security infrastracure in the world. Let ALLTECH help you keep your access under your control. 


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Perimeter Breach Protection 
Perimeter Breach Notification and dispatch ​ 

Securing perimeters against unwated or unauthorized access onto private and corporate properties is crucial in detering and minimizing loss to our customers. From the smallest yard to large industry properties ALLTECH can help deter crime, notify and dispatch authorities for unwanted or unauthorized vistors. Call to see how your company can benefit from Perimeter Breach Protection and Notification by ALLTECH.

Asset Protection 
loss prevention 

individual articles, tools, or other property walking out the door? With asset protection tracking and tagging you can keep tools, merchandise and other articles of value from getting out the door. Call for your no charge on site evaluation to see if you can benefit from asset tracking and protection.

Fleet GPS tracking 
Vehicle and employee time management 

GPS tracking units installed in your fleet will help you preserve vehicle maintainace cost, fuel cost, employee time management and unauthorized stops or idling. See how affordable it is be in control of your fleet.